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Utopia aims to platform the voices of neurodivergents across different communities and life circumstances, so we find the words to get the support we need.

We want to unearth the nuances of ADHD and other co-occurrences through listening to
unique lived experiences of intersectionality.

ADHD Girls is running Phase 1 of this campaign in collaboration with Qbtech

As Featured in Salt

"Neurodiversity means all brains are different. It actually includes all of us. [...] We have over 86 billion brain cells, so it makes sense that while some of us might have genetic predispositions to certain brain differences, it doesn’t mean we all experience neurodivergence in the same way."

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When you hear stories of neurodivergence, yet you can’t find the ones that speak to your life. Utopia, the campaign, aims to platform the voices of neurodivergents across different[…]

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