Natalie Lavina

This ADHD journey is a new experience for me and I can say meeting Sam has been such a highlight. It’s refreshing to have someone from the UK representing our ADHD community in such a positive way. The YouTube videos are insightful and also relatable with a mix of professionals and real people’s experiences is something that makes the videos really interesting and they help for people to get a holistic view of the ADHD Experience. Sam has been so approachable and answered all my questions speedily. Sometimes I feel I’m being annoying by asking what may seem like obvious questions but Sam has never made me feel this way. In fact, she has helped me find a Dr to help get my son diagnosed. So now we are half way through the process and even though it looks highly likely he also has ADHD, as his symptoms are more on the inattentive side, Sam has encouraged me to not let different manifestations of ADHD stop me from pursuing an assessment so that my son has all the opportunities ahead and does not fall into the undiagnosed cracks. Above all, I like that Sam has created a platform for girls to share their experiences and to show the very different faces of ADHD especially in women and girls. I have also realised that you don’t need to know it all to start (which can be hard for people with ADHD to do) but to make any new venture a journey and not an arrival. I have been toying with the idea of starting something for the ADHD community especially in the area of Pregnancy, motherhood and the challenges women with ADHD face when they become pregnant. Sam and other ADHD women have really encouraged me to not only come to terms with my brain but also to highlight its strengths and find ways to manage the weaknesses. Sam has also re-confirmed what I already thought, that ADHDers are amazing, resilient, resourceful and Unique. Sam has highlighted that no two ADHD brains are the same and we should embrace the neurodivergent mind and continue to shine light, educate and find helpful ways in which to support the ADHD experience.