The Work Systems that Work for Me as a Woman with ADHD

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I spoke to Momoko Hill who is a multi-hyphenate. After dropping out of 2 university degrees, she forged a career in the music industry, MTV, the BBC, and Wicked Foods.

She works with several spiritual disciplines and co-hosts the award-winning vegan and animal rights podcast, The Chickpeeps. At present, she is the Membership Community Manager of the Comparison Free Club, founded by Lucy Sheridan.

We discussed the following:

1) What led Momoko to pursue a diagnosis

2) Examples of how undiagnosed ADHD caused challenges in her career

3) The strengths she possessed that she channeled into her career

4) The work systems and support that made a difference to her wellbeing, happiness and productivity as a woman with ADHD.

About ADHD Girls

ADHD Girls is a company with a dual mission to empower girls and women with ADHD to thrive in society and to improve societal understanding of neurodiversity through intersectional lens – taking into account the broad spectrum of our identities that make us humans.

Powered by personal lived experiences of ADHD, we work to destigmatise ADHD and support ADHDers via:

🌟 Needs-based Support: Personal and professional development workshops for ADHDers;

🌟 Advocacy: Producing thought-provoking digital awareness campaigns and events to destigmatise ADHD;

🌟 Neurodiversity training: Running neurodiversity awareness session within education and work settings to improve cultural understanding of neurodivergence and providing best practice approach to support ADHDers

Instagram: @adhd_girls
Twitter: @adhd_girls


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