Introduction to Utopia Campaign

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When you hear stories of neurodivergence, yet you can’t find the ones that speak to your life. Utopia, the campaign, aims to platform the voices of neurodivergents across different communities and life circumstances, so we find the words to get the support we need.

Join me, Samantha Hiew, Director of ADHD Girls, as I uncover hidden stories of neurodivergence that come from a few, but speak to so many parts of our lives.

We want to unearth the nuances of ADHD and other co-occurrences through listening to unique lived experiences of intersectionality. The key takeaways of the campaign will:

i. Educate healthcare professionals and teaching staff on nuances in neurodiverse traits within people from marginalised communities to reduce diagnostic gap;

ii. Provide tools for organisations to create neuroinclusive cultures; and

iii. Open up conversations for neurodivergents across different communities and life circumstances, to improve representation so they can get diagnosed and find support.

Find out more about the campaign and how ADHD Girls support neurodivergents.

For any enquiries, contact Phase 1 of this campaign is run in collaboration with Qbtech Ltd. Learn more about objective testing for ADHD at

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