Highlights from the ADHD Best Practice at Work Conference

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The ADHD Best Practice At Work Conference, a not-for-profit event organised by ADHD Girls, WBSA and the ani Group, brought together ADHDers and the world of work on 16th May 2022. We fulfilled our mission to facilitate conversations to design support for ADHDers in the workplace based on a whole person approach.

This video shows the key highlights from the conference, where you will hear from:

Dr Samantha Hiew, Founder of ADHD Girls

Dr Tony Lloyd, CEO of ADHD Foundation

Prof Amanda Kirby, CEO of Do-IT Profiler

Atif Choudhury, CEO of Diversity & Ability

Andrea Michaels, Chair of the UK Civil Service Neurodiversity Network

Nicola Little, Founder of Celebrate Difference ADHD

Iain Preston, Chief Client Success Officer EMEA at Wunderman Thompson

Kate Pearson, Head of Social Justice at Genius Within

For more conference highlights, visit https://adhdgirls.co.uk/adhd-best-pra…

For enquiries, email samantha@adhdgirls.co.uk

About ADHD Girls

ADHD Girls is a company with a dual mission to empower girls and women with ADHD to thrive in society and to improve societal understanding of neurodiversity through intersectional lens – taking into account the broad spectrum of our identities that make us humans.

Powered by personal lived experiences of ADHD, we work to destigmatise ADHD and support ADHDers via:

🌟 Needs-based Support: Personal and professional development workshops for ADHDers;

🌟 Advocacy: Producing thought-provoking digital awareness campaigns and events to destigmatise ADHD;

🌟 Neurodiversity training: Running neurodiversity awareness session within education and work settings to improve cultural understanding of neurodivergence and providing best practice approach to support ADHDers

Instagram: @adhd_girls
Twitter: @adhd_girls

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/adhd-girls/

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