Raising Girls with ADHD (pre-order)

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Learn how to support your children and adolescents with ADHD to ensure they have the best future ahead.

When I received my ADHD diagnosis at the age of 40, I was relieved.

I can now help my daughter and ensure she gets the support that I never had.

I got firsthand advice from interviewing many specialists who work with children and young people with ADHD, and I ran workshops and gave talks to support parents of ND kids, within employee resource groups in global organisations.

While I advocated for my daughter in her school to a point where she now advocates for herself, I was hearing from many parents who were in less fortunate situations.

This video course is less than an hour long, divided into bite-sized sections and demystifies:

  • the process of getting your child a diagnosis;
  • how to advocate for them to a healthcare professional and protect their self esteem;
  • what usually happens during an ADHD assessment;
  • what kind of support truly makes a difference in their school and home lives;
  • how you can get them the accommodation they need at school;
  • what the law says when applying for SEN support.


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