ADHD Best Practice at Work 2022 Conference Recording


On 16th May 2022, we held the first ADHD Best Practice at Work conference.

The virtual event was attended by over a hundred conference delegates and supporters, who were interested to learn about how to create conditions to help ADHDers thrive at work.

The conference aims are to:

  1. Provide insights into current and future trends in ND at Work.
  2. Share best practices to support ADHDers in the workplace for businesses and leaders across functions.
  3. Improve accessibility into employment and job retention for ADHDers.
  4. Understand the necessity of considering intersectionality and presence of any overlapping neurodiverse conditions when designing support.
  5. Set the tone for inclusive language and communication.

We had a fantastic feedback from our conference delegates!

Here’s the video highlights from the conference:


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