ADHD Workplace Adjustments & Wellbeing


Learn what ADHD adjustments WORKS and HOW to ask for support so you can thrive at work!

When I founded ADHD Girls, I spoke to so many ADHDers who need support at work, wonder what the best way is to ask for reasonable adjustments at work, how to work with their line managers, and how to pivot to a more fulfilling career.m

I ran several workshops on ADHD Workplace Adjustments, and created the first ADHD Best Practice at Work conference.

This bite-sized video course, with up to 4 mins “lessons”, includes:

  • Insightful takeaways from ADHDers and hiring, HR, and DEI managers at our ADHD Best Practice at Work conference. and our ADHD Workplace Adjustments survey with over 150 respondents.
  • A list of 100 reasonable adjustments in the workplace for ADHDers, divided by categories.
  • ADHD owner’s manual workbook to help you find your element & how to work with your ADHD rather than against it

This course helps you:

  • learn all about ADHD and how to self advocate,
  • know what support you can get & the right way to ask for it in the workplace.
  • get a diagnostic and support toolkit to learn to live with your ADHD, and thrive in your work and life.

Head to Utopia website to enrol in the course.

Alternatively, you can purchase on this page and email Sam at to be added to the Utopia platform.


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