ADHD, Women & Hormones: Tools to Thrive Workbook


ADHD & Women: Tools to Thrive workbook introduces you to holistic strategies to thrive with ADHD with or without medication, built on the workshop we held on 24th May 2023.

With the help of this workbook (see a preview here),
💥 You will understand more about the risks and benefits of medication, enabling you to make more informed choices

💥 Gives you tips and what to be mindful of to get the most of your medication

💥 Understand the nutrition that supports an ND woman’s menstrual cycle as well as a lifestyle that supports your natural circadian rhythm

💥 It prompts you to look at your environment’s impact on your well-being, which includes the quality of your relationships

💥 We also include some strategies that the ND community find helpful around diet, lifestyle, hormonal wellbeing

💥 The last page consists of a list of useful resources for neurodivergent women and Access to a supportive WhatsApp community for women with ADHD so you can maximise your chances of thriving with ADHD


Don’t struggle alone, know that support is available even before you have a diagnosis!

If you’d like to be guided by Sam and dig deeper into the reasoning behind the strategies, you can purchase the workshop recording too.



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