ADHD Owner’s Manual Workbook


This 16-paged digital workbook helps you develop a map of your strengths and a map of your challenges (preview available here).

To examine the choices you made in your life to fit in and begin to construct a more authentic life in the world of work.

The ADHD Owner’s Manual workbook is about:

  • Knowing how to work with your ADHD brain rather than against it
  • Discovering what your strengths are
  • Understanding what support you need to overcome your challenges
  • Tapping into your productive zone
  • Having access to the 1-page framework that gives you all the answers to the Big Questions in your life
  • Wellbeing strategies that work for the ADHD brain and lifestyle

Mostly, I want to help:

  • Activate your energy to take back the power to run your life,
  • Assist you in rebuilding your self esteem,
  • Catapult you into your rightful place in the world of work,
  • Supercharge your life of authenticity

“When we unmask, we get to examine every choice we made to fit in and begin to construct more authentic and affirming lives.”

Dr Devon Price

This workbook can be accessed free for those who enrol in our ADHD Workplace Adjustments & Wellbeing course and/ or book a mentoring session.


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