*This workshop has now passed, but the workshop recording and PDF workbook is available for purchase*


Upon purchase, you will be sent the links to:
  • download the workbook
  • the workshop recording


I hope this helps you kickstart the lifelong process of writing your own user manual, which no doubt will keep evolving because your mindset will grow.


This third workshop is very special to me, because if this was available back when I was searching for answers, I would have grabbed it with all my limbs. 


ADHD Owner’s Manual workshop is about:

  • Understanding how your brain is wired
  • Knowing how to work with your ADHD brain rather than against it
  • Discovering what your strengths are
  • Understanding what support you need to overcome your challenges
  • Tapping into your productive zone
  • Having access to a 1-page framework that gives you all the answers to the Big Questions in your life


Mostly, I want to help:

  • Activate
    your energy to take back your power to run your life,
  • Assist
    you in rebuilding your self esteem,
  • Catapult 
    you into your rightful place in the world of work,
  • Supercharge
    your life of authenticity

“When we unmask, we get to examine every choice
we made to fit in and begin to
construct more authentic and affirming lives.”

Dr Devon Price


When you come on this journey, you will reflect on the BIG questions and find your zone of mastery. 


In doing so, you’ll begin to live a life for yourself, no one else. 


This is the beginning of your lifelong process of writing your own user manual, which will keep evolving because your mindset will grow.


My hope is to help other women with ADHD, like myself, rewrite the narratives that go on in their head so they can take their authentic and rightful place in the world of work.


What to expect upon receipt of payment for this workshop:

  1. You will be sent the workshop details and workbook the week before the workshop.
  2. Attend the virtual workshop with Sam Hiew on 26th April 2022 and be prepared to flex into your growth. I bring you my experience of pivoting into 16 work sectors to finally find my place in social impact entrepreneurship.


Looking for more support?  Join us at the first ADHD Best Practice at Work conference, supported by the ADHD Foundation and some of the most authentic ND leaders and organisations in the field of neurodiversity at work.


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