Understanding and Untangling ADHD and Trauma *RECORDING*


*The workshop has now passed, but recording is available to purchase*

In January 2022, ADHD Girls received a grant from UnLtd to run a series of subsidised personal and professional development workshops to help women with ADHD access and stay in fair employment. 


Our final workshop this year is aimed at educating ADHDers about how trauma can stay in your body long after it has taken place. We’re delighted to have Kerry J Heckman, a licensed psychotherapist specialising in somatic therapy for the treatment of trauma, speak at this workshop. Kerry has ADHD herself and wrote about the subject in this brilliant ADDitude article.


Many people with ADHD have also experienced trauma. Even going through life with ADHD can be a traumatic experience in itself. When the two overlap, it can cause an internal struggle to understand which issue is causing which behaviour and how to move toward a more regulated and integrated self.


The Understanding and Untangling ADHD and Trauma workshop will cover:

  1. How trauma and ADHD co-occur
  2. How trauma can exacerbate your symptoms of ADHD and vice versa
  3. What treatments you can seek out, including an overview of somatic- or body-based treatment
  4. Why learning to be compassionate toward yourself is one of the most important aspects of living with ADHD when you have a history of trauma


More about Kerry here:

Kerry J Heckman is a licensed therapist in private practice in Seattle, Washington. After ten years as a high school social worker in the Chicago area, she followed her intuition to the Pacific Northwest in 2018. There she was introduced to somatic and body-based therapy for the treatment of trauma. Kerry is now inspired to bring this information to as many people as possible to work towards a more embodied world. She is also a freelance writer and writes on the topics of health, mental health, and chronic illness. You can find more information on her website: www.kerryjheckman.com.


What to expect upon receipt of payment for this workshop:

  1. You will be sent the workshop details and workbook in the week before the workshop.
  2. Attend the virtual workshop with Kerry J Heckman on 30th June 2022 and learn all about how to find somatic based therapy for trauma.


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