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In my time working in neurodiversity, I realised that we sought a diagnosis because we wanted to find answers about our way of being, which has confused us. And deep down, we wanted more from life. We know that the masks that we’ve put on no longer served us.
We were desperate to come out of the walls we built around us to keep us safe, but it also kept us where we were.
And while we navigate the late diagnosed journey, I know that there is a lot of healing to be done, but there is also the desire to turn our lives around, to come out of ourselves and live the life we know we deserve.
And you know what is the single biggest discovery I’ve made on my journey? 
The skills to heal differ from those to live a happy life.
How do you go from healing to GROWTH?
For me, it all begins with biochemistry.
Giving your body what it needs sets the foundation for your mind to be in a better place, and you can show up better.
This workshop entails:
  • 1-hour session to understand how ADHD impacts your life
  • Understand the root causes of YOUR ADHD (No Literatures have yet to bring everything together)
  • Knowing what can interfere with your ability to show up in an optimal state 
  • Find out about the holistic tools that support your biology to manage stress, recover from burnout, and become well
  • The GROWTH mindset you need to take with you on this journey
What you get:
  • 1-hour workshop
  • Recording sent

A more in-depth understanding of your ADHD, pre- or post-diagnosis. The workshop is open to anyone with ADHD or who thinks they have ADHD.

I hope you join me and activate the freedom to run your life.



About Sam

Named a Difference Maker by PBS America and finalist of Positive Role Model for Gender by National Diversity Awards from 90,000 nominations, Dr Samantha Hiew is a visionary change agent using storytelling to inspire a global mindset and systemic change.

Sam is a highly sought-after Neurodiversity, Women’s Empowerment, and Intersectionality Keynote Speaker, working with over 60 FTSE companies to foster neuroinclusion – a long way from founding ADHD Girls at 40 after a decade of existential crisis.

Sam lights up on stage when she describes the spectrum of human experiences, illuminating a personal path of recovery for her audience’s unique needs. Among her most celebrated sessions are her community talks for women with ADHD, in which she inspires self-compassion by walking her audience through the added challenges of fulfilling societal gender roles.

Built on insights from the neurodiverse community and a strong background in science communications and PhD, Sam weaves neuro-, psycho-, and physiological sciences into life contexts to humanise neurodiversity, helping us reframe our experiences from a position of strength.

Sam has spoken to over 100,000 people and organically built an online audience of 70,000 followers across her channels. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Psychology Today, Loose Women, Stylist Magazine, Guardian, and Research Features.

Click here to see Sam’s Press Pack.


*For organisations, we offer neurodiversity awareness sessions, consultations, people manager’s and neuroinclusion champions training.  Please email us at, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.




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