I help women with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD understand their neurodifferences and find ways to hack school, the workplace and life.

No topics is off limits for me, and I’ve an ability to spot connecting patterns, which helps many others on a path to understanding themselves following a late diagnosis of neurodivergence.

Areas I help with:

  • Dismantling the ADHD grief cycle
  • Holding space as you make sense of your diagnosis
  • Understanding how to utilise your unique strengths
  • Advocating for students with ADHD
  • Helping parents who are seeking diagnosis for their child with ADHD
  • Communicating your needs for support in the workplace
  • Design and strategy for your ADHD projects (students and founders only*)

In this bespoke 1 hour consultation, we will come up with strategies that will guide you and give you more clarity.

About me:

I have worn many hats in my career (in 16 work sectors to be exact) and understand the perfectionist – burnout – abandon cycle, and what it takes to have to start over.

This is why I choose to create my own place.

My unique experience of growing up in Asia and living in the West for nearly 2 decades helped me understand life across multiple dimensions.

ADHD doesn’t travel alone in my brain – I’m also an autistic, dyspraxic, and Touretter, and I have a found a way to hack this in an environment that suits my brain differences.

I’m also a mother to two beautiful ND kids, prepared for a life in advocacy.

Living in a world that is catching up with neurodiversity keeps me hopeful.


*For organisations, we offer consultations for neuroinclusive projects. Please email me at samantha@adhdgirls.co.uk with details of what you need help with and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


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