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Neurodiversity & Leadership

  • We want to humanise neurodiversity in the context of the workplace
  • Enable learning about neurodiversity from a trustworthy resource
  • Share misconceptions, best practices & common pitfalls
  • Share some tools to manage a mixed neurotype team

Are you tasked with managing a neurodiverse team, and want to learn how to adopt an inclusive approach on a 1:1 basis?

Have you thought about how to relate to a team member who is autistic or has ADHD, so they feel supported?

As the founder of ADHD Girls, I trained over 50 FTSE companies to date, my expertise in Neurodiversity catalysed positive conversations and actions in 92% of my audience and helped embed neuro inclusive approaches in their organisations.

To get some tips on how to keep the brilliance in your team, join me in my LinkedIn webinar on 13th June at 10.30-11 am UK time, where you will learn:

📣 What you need to know about how neurodivergence shows up that will inspire you to create psychological safety in your teams

📣 What common misconceptions or misunderstandings around neurodivergence, and inclusive approaches we recommend

📣 What you can do on an individual basis to support neurodivergent team members

📣 How to have conversations with neurodivergent team members to relate to their experiences and help them feel supported

📣 How to do all this while running a mixed neurotype team!

Here’s the link to sign up to the LinkedIn event. 

If you’d like to discuss neurodiversity training with Sam, check out our training brochure

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