What we stand for

To improve understanding of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), particularly in girls and women to remove the stigma and promote accessibility within society’s education and work systems.




ADHD Girls YouTube channel is a platform for women with ADHD to share their challenges and strengths. We also interview world-renowned ADHD specialists for their views on the condition and how to manage while living with ADHD. 


Recognising that ADHD presents challenges in the world of work, we created the ADHD In the Workplace LinkedIn LIVE series where we generate ideas to support adults with ADHD to utilise their strengths in the world of work.

Our Impact So Far

Our recent survey results showed that:


100% of people (87% women with ADHD, 26% parent of girls with ADHD and 9% women-identifying and non-binary individuals with ADHD) who follow our work responded that it helped their own journey with ADHD.


88% said the impact lasted medium to long term – the latter agreed it was an indefinite impact. 


92% agreed that our work to advocate for workplaces to be more ADHD-friendly and destigmatise ADHD is absolutely crucial and there’ll be devastating effect if this work does not occur as expected. 

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