Utopia, knowledge and support platform for neurodivergents is launched

26th September 2022 – Utopia, a new knowledge and support platform for neurodivergents by ADHD Girls Ltd, has launched. In a video introducing the platform, Dr Samantha Hiew says, “Welcome to Utopia, a platform for neurodivergents to learn all about how to thrive in today’s society and to connect with other like-minded people. This is also a place for our work and education ecosystems to get up to speed with what neurodivergents need to feel belonged – supporting our challenges, harnessing our strengths, and ultimately achieving our potential.”  

The platform is available to individual neurodivergents to find the support they need to thrive in all areas of their lives, beginning with the workplace. Employees within organisations and ERGs will also be able to access the video courses and use the support forum on the platform to chat to their co-workers.

On the content of the courses, Samantha said, “They are built on the neurodiversity training I give to organisations around the world. Through the work I did to elevate the voices of ADHDers, I’d somehow found myself in the MIDDLE, becoming the bridge that connected the two worlds – those with lived experiences and those who didn’t, so we can learn from each side.”

“We first built a community of ADHDers, and then we ran best practice conferences and workshops with our community of neurodivergents so our courses are packed with lived experience insights from the:

  • 100s of responses from our community surveys;
  • 120 ADHDers and HR, DEI, & Hiring managers who agreed on solutions to support neurodivergents at our ADHD Best Practice at Work conference;
  • 100s of hours spent training & speaking to 1000s of neurodivergents at over 40 global organisations;
  • 1000s of hours learning from ND leaders at conferences, our employment workshops, and trainings around the country;  
  • Years building an online community that earned Community Choice & Stereotype Buster award nominations.

The platform has the capacity to host private eLearning and support groups for organisations that may not have the facility to host them yet, and serves as a bridge to help organisations transition into embedding neurodiversity policies. To find out more, contact ADHD Girls via samantha@adhdgirls.co.uk.

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