Thinking Differently About Autism

Sam was invited by Siena Castellon to voice her opinion on this truly diverse panel with truly autistic voices spanning different nations around the world. Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and ADHD are sister conditions, with a co-occurrence up to 70%.

Sam spoke about being autistic, the high functioning label and survivorship bias on this truly diverse panel. You can watch the recording of the panel and other wonderful panels here.

Here’s what Sam’s key message to everyone following the panel:

“The Neurodiversity movement recognises that cognitive diversity is important and has a place in evolution. However, this does not mean that autistics are only useful if we can contribute positively to the workforce. We have the same rights to our place in society as anyone else whether or not we’re contributing to moving humanity forward, and it’s time everyone realises this.  Highlight.”

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