Neurodiversity: Intersectionality & How to Design Equitable Support at OUCE

We spoke at the University of Oxford about “Neurodiversity: How to Design Equitable Support”. This talk is extremely close to my heart and while so many are speaking about neurodiversity, I believe intersectionality isn’t being represented adequately.Β 

Consciously or not, we have all been marginalised just by being born.Β 

Whether it is down to your:
πŸ‘‰ Skin, eye, or hair colour
πŸ‘‰ Brain differences
πŸ‘‰ Beginnings
πŸ‘‰ Place of origin
πŸ‘‰ Family circumstances
πŸ‘‰ Looks and how you present yourself
πŸ‘‰ Choice on who you love

This impacts:
βœ… Your freedom
βœ… The doors that are opened to you
βœ… The way you go in life

When we talk, we hope that people will hear exactly what we say.

But we each take what we want to hear, and form a different picture of what has been said.

Because these windows that we see the world is very much dependent on our experiences in life and those who had influenced us.

You can only understand the unique realities that people live in if you look out the same window that they use to see the world.Β I am looking forward to doing more in the space of creating more representation in the rooms where we can truly make an impact.

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