Grazia: Why does it take so long for women like me to be diagnosed with ADHD?

Bonnie McLaren interviewed us for this feature piece in Grazia.

Here are some excerpts of ADHD Girls within the article:

“The NHS is facing an unprecedented demand with women seeking a late diagnosis,’ says Samantha Hiew, the founder of ADHD Girls, a group to help women with ADHD reach their full potential. ‘There’s a 3,200% increase in women seeking an online test to see if they’ve got ADHD in 2021 compared to just two years before.”

“Samantha says there are extra barriers to diagnosis for women of colour and those in the LGBTQ+ community.”

“As Samantha adds, ‘Women with ADHD are prone to overdelivering and overpromising, and we are notorious for burning the midnight oil to make a deadline work for others at the expense of our own health.”

Samantha, 41, was only diagnosed with ADHD at 40, after having her second child and having to ‘juggle motherhood and societal expectations, which coincided with perimenopause and a post-childbirth hormonal dip’.”

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