Forbes: ADHD Crisis in the UK: Underdiagnosed, Lacking Support and Stigmatized

Dr Nancy Doyle wrote a Forbes feature about the current landscape of ADHD diagnosis and support in the UK.

ADHD Girls was mentioned in the following excerpts:

“Dr Samantha Hiew is the Director of ADHD Girls Ltd, a company founded with a social mission to empower girls and women with ADHD through effective advocacy, education and specialists’ insights.”

“Dr Hiew’s unique experiences of growing up in an Asian culture and living in the West for nearly 2 decades opened her eyes to how ADHD manifests within the intersections with culture, class, and race. Dr Hiew points to the particular socio-economic impact of ADHD under the radar, highlighted by a 2018 Demos report. Her work has focused on uncovering the hidden prevalence of ADHD in communities of color and particularly females of color. Dr Hiew states:

“Even before I discovered that I am a neurodivergent at the ripe age of 40, I’d put my differences down to “Nature & Nurture” – the sum of the genes inherited from my parents and my beginnings, my culture, and the people who influenced me.”

“Dr Hiew is working with the ADHD Foundation and other professionals / people with lived experience, organizing an event for employers to learn more about creating the conditions for ADHDers to thrive at work; such learning opportunities will go a long way to reducing exclusion based on negative stereotypes and assumptions.”

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