Female Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Sam shared her personal journey of late diagnosis of neurodivergence and her professional insights into what is necessary to help neurodivergent females thrive in the workplace and get the support they need.

To read the full write up about this wonderful panel, please view here.

Specifically, Sam spoke about her struggles with managing her neurodivergence when it intersects with impact of hormones in her monthly menstrual cycle alongside:

Alongside her:
🌟 existential anxiety of never knowing where she fitted
🌟 need to feel alive
🌟 culture’s focus on education
🌟 thoughts on how to ask for support for everyone’s Neurodivergence at work

ADHD Girls Ltd was founded when Sam was looking for answers, the main one was “Am I going to be OK?”

A few years on, she’d readjusted her environment and lifestyle to support her neurodivergence.

Thank you Zoe Sinclair for creating this piece for our panel, and for Chi-Chi Obuaya, Hannah LongmanMeike Bliebenicht, and Vic Mazonas for sharing their insightful thoughts at THIS CAN HAPPEN conference on 16th June.

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