An Innovative Event Supported by ND Leaders

The ADHD Best Practice At Work Conference, a not-for-profit event organised by ADHD Girls, WBSA and the ani Group, brings together ADHDers and the world of work. Our mission is to facilitate conversations to design support for ADHDers in the workplace based on a whole person approach.


A Virtual Half Day Conference

Format: 3 Keynote Talks and 1 Mastermind Session.

Dr Sam Hiew introducing ADHD Best Practice Conference

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Provide insights into current and future trends in ND at Work.


Share best practices to support ADHDers in the workplace for businesses and leaders across functions.


Improve accessibility into employment and job retention for ADHDers.


Understand the necessity of considering intersectionality and presence of any overlapping neurodiverse conditions when designing support.


Set the tone for inclusive language and communication.

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If your business aligns with the ADHD Best Practice Conference and you'd like to sponsor our event, please get in touch.