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ADHD Girls

ADHD Girls is an award-winning social impact company with a dual mission to empower women and girls with ADHD to thrive in society and improve neurodiversity understanding via intersectional lens.

Powered by lived experiences of ADHD, we embody the neurodiversity movement, which displaces the medical model of disability and recognises the barriers presented through how society organises itself.

We believe that these barriers can be removed with adequate support.

Our Mission

Empowering ADHDers

Personal & professional development talks and workshops that provide resources and tools to channel their strengths & promote healing

Bridging Two Worlds

Digital awareness campaigns, events & videos that inspire positive action and conversations

Training Work and Education Settings

Neurodiversity keynote talks, workshops, consultations & programmes to promote psychological safety and neuroinclusion

Needs Based Support

Personal and professional development talks, workshops, courses, and mentoring for neurodivergents and parents of neurodivergent kids.

ND Advocacy

Producing thought-provoking digital awareness campaigns and events that destigmatise ADHD and uncover hidden stories of neurodivergence across different communities and life circumstances

ND Training

Delivering neurodiversity training within work and education settings to build a culture of belonging, consulting strategies to build neuroinclusive practices, and educating on best practice approaches.

We believe in the strengths- and interest-based approach in thriving with an interest-based nervous system.

Samantha Hiew, PhD

Founder & Director

Dr Samantha Hiew is a storyteller trained in medical science PhD, specialising in demystifying ADHD & neurodiversity.

Sam’s work bridges two worlds –
those with lived experiences of neurodivergence &
those who don’t – so we work towards integration within society.

Off the back of her ADHD diagnosis at 40, and identifying as an autistic, dyspraxic and Touretter, Sam founded ADHD Girls to empower girls and women with ADHD to thrive in society; and improve Neurodiversity understanding via intersectional lens.

Sam regularly trains companies on neurodiversity, and was told that her words inspire hope, integration and serve as catalysts for change and understanding.

Her work was recognised with the Difference Maker, Rising Star, and Innovation & Excellence Awards, alongside nominations for Positive Role Model for Disability, Storyteller, Stereotype Buster and Community Choice awards.

Sam is passionate about reframing the medical labels given to neurodivergents, where we see each individual as more than their diagnosis, and through the lens of the broad spectrum of identities that sum up our human experiences.