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ADHD Girls Ltd

ADHD Girls Ltd is a social impact company with a dual mission
to empower girls and women with ADHD to thrive in society and
improve societal understanding of neurodiversity via intersectional lens.

Powered by personal lived experiences of ADHD, we embody the neurodiversity movement,
which displaces the medical model of disability and recognises the barriers
presented through the way society organises itself. 

We believe that these barriers can be removed with adequate support.

Our Mission

Empowering ADHDers

Personal and professional development workshops

Bridging Two Worlds

Digital awareness campaigns and events that inspire positive action and understanding

Training Work and Education Settings

Neuroinclusive consultation, talks or workshops that champion cognitive diversity. 

Needs Based Support

Personal and professional development workshops for women with ADHD and parents of neurodivergent kids who may be ND themselves


Producing thought-provoking digital awareness campaigns and events that destigmatise ADHD

ND Training

Running neurodiversity awareness session within education and work settings to improve cultural understanding of neurodivergence and providing best practice approach to support ADHDers

We believe in the strengths- and interest-based approach in thriving with an interest-based nervous system.

Samantha Hiew, PhD

Founder & Director

Sam has worn many hats in her career, most notably a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Communications Consultant, and Cancer Research Scientist.

Sam’s unique experience of growing up in Asia and living in the West for nearly 2 decades opened her eyes to how neurodiversity manifests when brain differences intersects with culture, class, race, and motherhood.

Diagnosed with ADHD aged 40 and identifying as an autistic, dyspraxic and Touretter, she is acutely aware of the challenges neurodivergents face in society’s education and workplace systems.

Sam is passionate about helping everyone reframe the medical labels given to neurodivergents, where we see each individual as more than their diagnosis, and through the lens of the broad spectrum of identities that sum up our human experiences.