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Our Dual Mission

Women & girls with ADHD

To empower women and non-binary individuals with ADHD with the knowledge and skills to thrive in society


To improve societal understanding
of neurodiversity via
intersectional lens

Who we are

ADHD Girls is an award-winning platform founded by Dr Samantha Hiew off the back of her own diagnosis at 40.

Sam’s scientific training led her to dig deeper into the truths of our neurodiverse experiences and discover the hidden stories of our lives that impacts how we show up and relate to others.

Sam built a compassion-based community and give talks around the country. Here, she found, to be a safe space where majority of her audience open up and share their experiences. It is here that she learns from everyone and heals alongside. 

With a talent to “Think like a Scientist, Speak like a Human”, she bridges the empathy gap between those with lived experiences of neurodivergence and those who don’t, so we learn to work together.

Her keynotes and trainings performed at over 50 FTSE companies, events, settings, and the general public made a significant impact where 99% felt seen, validated, connected, and supported, and 92% are moved to champion intersectional neurodivergents. 

Sam is often told that her stories humanise our neurodiverse experiences, and foster psychological safety and belonging in oneself and the workplace.

Built on lived experience research with the neurodiverse community, ADHD Girls delivers neuroinclusion programmes within organisations, which follows a framework that embeds best practices to enable teams to harness diversity of thought. 

Our Vision

We empower women with ADHD to thrive

We inspire a culture of safety and compassion for neurodivergents

When we create conditions where neurodivergents thrive, everyone benefits

Our Impact So Far

Bridging Two Worlds

Closing Empathy Gap

Our latest impact survey results showed:

Following our ADHD & Women talks,

98% of our audience have a better understanding of how ADHD impacts a woman’s life,

99% felt seen, validated and connected to find like-minded people,

An incredible three-quarter of our audience felt safe enough to open up and share their lived experiences with the rest of the group. 


Following our Neurodiversity and Integration training,

92% felt encouraged to champion intersectional NDs,

86% said it showed them how to spark positive conversations and actions in their own sphere of influence,

88% said they were keen to become an ally or sponsor to intersectional NDs.

What People Say
About ADHD Girls

Samantha had been recommended by a colleague yet the neurodiversity awareness session she delivered still exceeded my expectations. She is very knowledgeable, passionate and engaging around this topic and this translated to the audience. Above all, Samantha has a particular authenticity which resonates with the audience and makes engaging on this topic so much easier. We took so many gems from the session and received extremely good feedback from the attendees. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Samantha as a speaker and I very much look forward to working with her again as we continue to drive awareness and fly the flag for inclusivity for all.
Bella Daniels
Co-Chair of NetABled NetApp
Sam delivered a powerful presentation to an audience of over 400 employees on the subject of neurodiversity as well as sharing her own moving story. Her passion for championing positive action in neurodiversity combined with her extraordinary authenticity and confidence to share her vulnerabilities is formidable. I have never heard our auditorium fall so quiet as she spoke, nor a round of applause so loud when she finished.
Ben Higgins
Managing Director, UK Head of Human Resources at Société Générale
Sam’s talk was incredibly powerful and I believe many attendees got a lot out of it. It was part of a half-day event and many of the points Sam raised in her presentation were brought up in the remainder of the sessions. She was an engaging and inspiring speaker, who expertly wove her lived experience and professional experience into her presentation in a way that added depth and complexity. She discussed the intersections of co-occurring conditions, gender, race, socio-economic privilege and neurodivergence. She provided practical steps and advice around next steps in intersectional neurodivergence.
Pk Kulasegram
EDI Manager, University of Oxford
Sam recently contributed to Uptimize’s neurodiversity virtual event on the subject of women with ADHD in the workplace. She is well spoken and knowledgeable, and we had a tremendous response in both event engagement and positive reviews post event. She contributed valuable ADHD research and insights into the event and I would love to have her back again!
Lauren Hawthorne
Marketing Manager, Uptimize
From the first moment of contact with Sam I was struck by her commitment, passion and professionalism. Sam wanted context, she wanted to talk to our members and find out what they wanted and needed other people to know about their experiences – and what needed to change and why. Sam really cares, and wanted to make the talk we asked her to give as relevant, impactful and powerful as possible. Which she did.
Ed Dupree
Neurodiversity Support Group Co-Lead, Arm
I collaborated with Sam at an event to mark International Women’s Day and I was highly impressed by her as were all the attendees. She is a consummate professional and a fantastic public speaker. Her knowledge and experience on ADHD and Neurodiversity is insightful and thought provoking. Her advocacy work empowering ADHD Girls & Women is an inspiration for many and she is a great role model for Neurodivergent women.
Leena Haque
Neurodiversity Programme Lead, BBC CAPE

Latest News

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