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Our Dual Mission

Women & girls with ADHD

To empower women and non-binary individuals with ADHD with the knowledge and skills to thrive in society


To improve societal understanding
of neurodiversity via
intersectional lens

Who we are

ADHD Girls Ltd was founded by Dr Samantha Hiew off the back of her own diagnosis at 40. Through speaking to other women with ADHD, she felt validated and realised that focusing on her strengths got her through the challenges she faced before her diagnosis.

Sam regularly writes and speaks at virtual and in person events, and was told that her words inspire hope, integration and serve as catalysts for change and understanding.

Inspired by the most urgent areas of need for neurodivergents, we run subsidised workshops led by professionals working in the neurodiversity and mental health space.

Our Vision

We empower women with ADHD to thrive

We inspire a culture of compassion and understanding for neurodivergents

When we create conditions where neurodivergents thrive, everyone benefits

Our Impact So Far

Our Strengths-based approach of ADHD

Impact Survey Results

Our recent survey results showed that:

100% of people (87% women with ADHD, 26% parent of girls with ADHD and 9% non-binary individuals with ADHD) who follow our work responded that it helped their own journey with ADHD.

88% said the impact lasted medium to long term – the latter agreed it was an indefinite impact.

92% agreed that our work to advocate for workplaces to be more ADHD-friendly and destigmatise ADHD is absolutely crucial and there’ll be devastating effect if this work does not occur as expected.

What People Say
About ADHD Girls

Sam’s talk was incredibly powerful and I believe many attendees got a lot out of it. It was part of a half-day event and many of the points Sam raised in her presentation were brought up in the remainder of the sessions. She was an engaging and inspiring speaker, who expertly wove her lived experience and professional experience into her presentation in a way that added depth and complexity. She discussed the intersections of co-occurring conditions, gender, race, socio-economic privilege and neurodivergence. She provided practical steps and advice around next steps in intersectional neurodivergence.
Pk Kulasegram
EDI Manager, University of Oxford
Sam recently contributed to Uptimize’s neurodiversity virtual event on the subject of women with ADHD in the workplace. She is well spoken and knowledgeable, and we had a tremendous response in both event engagement and positive reviews post event. She contributed valuable ADHD research and insights into the event and I would love to have her back again!
Lauren Hawthorne
Marketing Manager, Uptimize
From the first moment of contact with Sam I was struck by her commitment, passion and professionalism. Sam wanted context, she wanted to talk to our members and find out what they wanted and needed other people to know about their experiences – and what needed to change and why. Sam really cares, and wanted to make the talk we asked her to give as relevant, impactful and powerful as possible. Which she did.
Ed Dupree
Neurodiversity Support Group Co-Lead, Arm
I collaborated with Sam at an event to mark International Women’s Day and I was highly impressed by her as were all the attendees. She is a consummate professional and a fantastic public speaker. Her knowledge and experience on ADHD and Neurodiversity is insightful and thought provoking. Her advocacy work empowering ADHD Girls & Women is an inspiration for many and she is a great role model for Neurodivergent women.
Leena Haque
Neurodiversity Programme Lead, BBC CAPE
Meeting Sam has been such a highlight. It’s refreshing to have someone from the UK representing our ADHD community in such a positive way. The YouTube videos are insightful and also relatable with a mix of professionals and real people’s experiences and they help for people to get a holistic view of the ADHD Experience. Sam has been so approachable and answered all my questions speedily. Sometimes I feel I’m being annoying by asking what may seem like obvious questions but Sam has never made me feel this way. In fact, she has helped me find a Dr to help get my son diagnosed.
Natalie Lavina
Sam is a very accomplished and strong leader with a fantastic wealth of knowledge and is very warm and welcoming. She attended a meeting with my university’s disability team as a professional and an advocate for myself to help me be heard and to offer her extensive knowledge on ADHD and it’s impacts. The meeting was very successful and can’t thank Sam enough for her support. I’m hoping we’ll be able to work together in the future at my university with her being a strong part of the support groups and workshops. Sam is a wonderful lady and I can’t recommend her enough for anyone seeking her skills in any way. Thank you for everything Sam, you’re a diamond. 💎
Emma Wong

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